Chapel Lodge Standardbred R&R

Chapel Lodge Standardbred Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc.

ALL horses below have been SOLD by CLSR&R


SOLD December 2016

Congratulations to Kirsty in Kudla

Andy "Deadbeat Dad"

Approx 16hh 4yo gelding

DOB: 6/10/2011

Unraced - Trialled only March 2015

Andy is a very sweet natured boy,  and has a "can do" attitude, very quiet and easy to handle. Already putting on weight, this young lad is going to fill out very nicely with strong solid joints and will be one to watch out for.  Will excel in any discipline.

Arabella "Bella"

Congratulations to Alannah

SOLD July 2015

4yo approx 15hh mare.
Unnamed and unraced. A complete clean slate.
Bella has very good conformation and a lovely three beat canter. She has started some Natural Horsemanship as she is learning what personal space is. And is showing to be a very quick learner. She's not dirty, just uneducated.
However we just cannot give her the time she really needs and deserves. Bella will excel in any discipline.


SOLD May 2015

Congratulations Katie


Approx 15.1hh 10yo gelding

Banjo is a lovely boy, a real smooch. Will follow you around all day if he could.

Going well under saddle, he's a little engergiser

With a bit of bling on his face and both front feet, he will sure stand out in the ring. Sure to excel in any discipline.


SOLD June 2015

Congratulations Michelle

Benny "Tarchen"

Approx 15.2hh 9yo gelding

Retired March 2015

Benny is a real smooch and is going to stand out in the show ring with very correct confirmation and lovely movement. Will excel in any discipline.


Congratulations Kadina RDA

SOLD in December 2014

Buddy "Butts Roadload"

Approx 15.2hh 8yo gelding

Retired May 2013

Buddy has been well educated in the arena with an established canter and floaty movement. However, he can be a little spooky at times. Requires a balanced, experienced rider only. Show quality gelding.


SOLD June 2017

Congratulations Bianca from McLaren Vale

Caesar "Caesar Rama"
Approx 15hh 12yo Gelding
DOB: 17/10/2004
Retired August 2013

A solid little boy. Caesar has been ridden a handful of times. Experienced rider only. Not to be used for hard work as he has bled in the past. He will make an awesome trail plodder. Can be dominant in the paddock. Very easy to handle with lovely manners


SOLD April 2017
Congratulations Kelly from Lewiston
Casper "S5130099"
Approx 15.3hh 3yo gelding
DOB: 2/11/2013
This cheeky boy is sure to win everyone's heart. He is just a big kid. First to greet you in the paddock and then steal your hat or take another horse for a walk if you're not paying attention to their rope. Full of personality and charisma this boy is going to be a heart stealer. With a little bit of bling and exceptional conformation, he will be well suited to the show ring or any other discipline. Great with other horses


Congratulations Kateland from McLaren Flat

SOLD March 2016

Chance "After the Reckoning NZ"

Approx 15.1hh 13yo gelding

DOB: 19/11/2002 Retired July 2012

Chance came to CL in very poor condition. After much love and care Chance is now back in full health and ready to find his forever home.

We have been advised Chance had been broken to saddle prior to arriving at CL and was quiet.Chance is an absolute gentleman to handle and do anything with. Good with other horses.

Now backed and very quiet available for his forever home.


Congratulations to Deanna

SOLD July 2015

Charlie "Smile No More"

Approx 15.3hh 8yo Gelding

Retired March 2013

A lovely natured horse. Has a slight roach back.

Is great with other horses. Very easy to handle.


Congratulations to Ginny

Sold February 2015

Chief "Meet the Chief"

Approx 16.1hh 5yo Gelding

Retired August 2013

Chief retired around a year ago from racing and was used as a harness plodder around the streets of Mt Pleasant before coming to us. He is a real sweet boy who want nothing more to spend time with you. Ready to start under saddle. Show quality gelding

Chief had his first ride on 17/1/15 - he was a little nervous to begin with, but did not put one foot out of place - very willing to learn.


Congratulations Raymond from Currency Creek

SOLD August 2016

Con "Surfin Cees NZ"

Approx 16.2hh 9yo Gelding

DOB: 26/10/2006

Retired April 2016

An absolute gentleman. Con is ready to please. A taller, solid boy. Very easy to handle and do anything with, lovely manners. He has a "Can do" attitude. Con has been sat on by his previous race owners with no worries at all. Now rested and ready to start his new ridden career.

Con will excel in any disclipline.

Great with other horses. Is currently bottom of the pecking order in his paddock.


Congratulations Anita from Lewiston

SOLD March 2016

Conte "Conte Centovalli NZ"

Approx 15.2hh 15yo gelding.

DOB: 3/10/2001

Very recently retired from the track at Christmas time and came to CL in February. It was time for retirement for this incredibly sweet natured old man. We managed to get in one ride before Conte stole the heart of Anita. Where he will educated with her to become just a relaxed plod around the trails.


SOLD December 2016

Congratulations Heidi from Murray Bridge

Doc "Doctor Dilinger"

Approx 15.2hh 13yo Gelding.    DOB: 01/12/2002.     Retired May 2010.

This lovely boy is full of character and charisma and will do anything for a carrot.

Doc came to CLSR&R in very poor condition. You can read his story on our "Rescue Horses" page. Doc is now in fat, healthy condition and is finally ready to start his ridden career. This lovely boy will excel in any discipline.

Can be dominant in the paddock. Show quality gelding. Doc is not just a horse you choose - he will choose you. Experienced home only.


SOLD March 2017

Congratulations Jaqui from Pinery

Doofus "Captains Fury"

Approx 15.2hh  9yo gelding

DOB: 18/11/2007

Trialled only

Doofus is proving to be a very sweet boy. Loves his carrots and cuddles. Well rounded and a happy boy. 

A clean slate for anyone to start. 

Will make a lovely allrounder.


Congratulations Marie

SOLD September 2016

Fab "Fabian Bromac NZ"

 Approx 15.2hh 6yo gelding

DOB: 3/1/2009
Retired December 2011 with only 3 races to date.

Fab is surely one to look out for.

Started under saddle with a few rides. Slightly unsure, but if you just take it slow, this boy will go to the ends of the earth for you.

With the right rider, this loving boy will take you anywhere you dream to ride.

Will excel in any discipline.

Great with other horses, easy to handle.


Congratulations Jasmine & Glenda from Globe Derby

Flicker "Party Sounds"

Approx 15.2hh 11yo Gelding.

DOB: 1/10/2004

Retired June 2013

A shy boy, but a real sook once he gets to know you. Loves attention and cuddles.

Been ridden a handful of times. Quiet under saddle.

However, poor Flicker seems to have an ongoing hip issue. We cannot seem to keep him sound between random chiro visits. Due to this, and his lovely nature, Flicker will be well suited to a companion horse. Gets along well with other horses. However, for someone wishing to put in the time for chiro and maintenance, he may make a lovely horse for light trail riding.


SOLD January 2017
Congratulations Raymond & Lyndal from Currency Creek
Fudge "S3131038"
Approx 16hh (and still growing) 3yo gelding.
DOB: 21/11/2013    Unraced
Fudge is a very sweet boy. He has had minimal handling or education. Will do very well with a home that has time and patience whilst he learns. He is half brother to Max (now dec) and Millie who have previously come through us and are amazing horses under saddle. Fudge has much the same temperament and qualities they have.


Congratulations Treena from McLaren Flat

Sold April 2016

Jay "Soho Icarus"

Approx 15.1hh 8yo gelding.    DOB: 20/10/2007.    Retired July 2013

Jay is a sweet natured boy, will lap up the attention all day. Loves being fussed over. Can be cheeky. Jay has been under saddle for over a year, however he sadly learnt to bluff his young owner in the arena and learnt some bad habits

CLSR&R has taken Jay back into our care and has re-assessed him. He is not a dirty horse by any means, he does however need a confident rider to ride through his bluff, especially if you wish to do any sort of arena work with him. Jay has been out on many trail rides and not much phases him on the trails and roads.

If you are a rider looking for that something extra, then Jays your boy, I believe he'll make an excellent hunt horse as he seems to enjoy small jumps and going for a good gallop.

Gets along well with other horses. 

Photo Credit: Sunshine Photography


Congratulations Kelly in Kudla
SOLD in August 2016
Approx 15.2hh 3yo gelding.
Unraced and a clean slate, Jet is that perfect blank canvas for any rider.
Stared lightly due to his age, Jet has taken incredibly to life as a riding horse, naturally finding his balance. He has a calm and doting nature that everyone instantly falls in love with.
Very easy to handle and gets along great with other horses.
Show quality gelding, he will not disappoint.


Congratulations Rhiannon in Kudla

SOLD in December 2014

Kenny "Kendall Village"

Approx 15hh 8yo Mare


Personality plus mare. Kenny can belittle timid, but she is also the type of mare that will bond with the right person. Simply stunning - she will excel in any discipline. Show quality mare.

Little John

SOLD May 2017
Congratulations Lillian
Little John "Dane Hall Dais"
Approx 15.1hh 2yo gelding (and still growing)
DOB: 5/11/2014
Trialled only
Little John is just the most gorgeous little boy. He just loves to be fussed over and to be brushed. He will stand there all day for it. He loves his carrots and his cuddles. This boy is just a smoochy teddy bear.
For a 2yo this boy is just amazing. Very easy to handle and do anything with. Gets along very well with other horses.
Little John is the perfect clean slate and he will make the ultimate allrounder. He is looking for someone now just to spend time and smooch with him until he is old enough to be educated under saddle.


Congratulations Lyndall & Tihana from Currency Creek

SOLD August 2016

Mac "Mccara NZ"

Approx 15.2hh 7yo gelding.

DOB: 8/12/2008

Retired 29/6/1

An absolute gentleman.

Mac has been started under saddle and he is showing to be quite lazy and full of potential. He is still finding his balance between the pace and the trot, yet he is improving with each and every ride.

Not phased by much at all.Will suit any discipline.


SOLD Dec 2016

Congratulations to Christine & Ebony

Magic "S5090097"

Approx 15.2hh 7yo Gelding.    DOB: 03/12/2009.    Unraced

Who wouldn't want a little bit of Magic in their life... Unraced and a blank canvas, Magic is ready for anyone to start with. Easy to handle and good with other horses.

Always the first to greet you in the paddock, loves attention. Currently in fat happy paddock condition.

I believe with his willing nature and once educated, Magic will make the ultimate allrounder. Show quality gelding.

Magic stayed at CL for the completion of his education.


SOLD - congratulations Jasmine & Peter in Waterloo

SOLD in August 2014

14.3hh 4yo stunning show quality mare.

Has been ridden a handful of times. A lovely mare, easy to do anything with. Will excel in any discipline. Experienced rider only to further her education.


Congratulations Louise in Murray Bridge

SOLD in December 2014

Milly "S3110721"

Approx 15.2hh 3yo mare


This pretty girl only arrived a few weeks ago with her brother. Such an incredibly sweet natured filly she just loves to be with you. Trialled but just too slow.

Will excel in any discipline.

Miss Magic

SOLD February 2017
CONGRATULATIONS to Kerry from Peterborough
Miss Magic "Magic Too"
Approx 15.1hh 5yo mare
DOB: 26/11/2011
Retired: October 2016
This gorgeous girl will be sure to turn heads in the show ring. With great conformation and a fantastic nature to match. This little mare will be one to look out for.
An absolute sweetheart to do anything with, she has a great work ethic, but she just wasn't fast enough around the track.
Magic stayed at CL for the completion of her education


SOLD June 2017
Congratulations Ryan
Missy "Antrim Attack"
Approx 16.2hh 6yo mare
DOB: 16/11/2010
This stunning mare is very Tb like in her appearance and movement.
Missy was trialled but never raced.
A very smart mare and a quick learner. She will be an asset to any competitive home.
She is the kind of mare that will bond very well with a single owner.
Good to handle and loves to be pampered and fussed over. Will make a great plodder with her easy going nature.


Congratulations Lauren in Morphett Vale

SOLD October 2015

Moe "Motion Sixty"

Approx 15.2hh rising 5yo Gelding

Retired June 2014

Moe is a very sweet natured boy. Often first to greet you in the paddock and always bottom of the pecking order.

Moe has just been started under saddle and is proving to be exceptionally quiet. 

I believe with his calm and 'can do' attitude he will make a lovely mount and just a real laid back plodder and will excel in any discipline.


SOLD May 2017

Congratulations Amanda

Nimble "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

Approx 15.2hh 5yo Trotter Mare

DOB: 23/12/2011

Retired July 2014

This stunning little mare will be sure to excel in the right hands. Nimble has been out to paddock for the last 12 months to mature and was bought back into work by her race owners in June , however she no longer has the "race" in her, so her owners have retired her to CL.

She is a very agile, smart and sensitive mare. She is a quick learner and is quick on her feet. She has stunning, floating movement and will definitely be a stand out in the crowd. Nimble is starting her education at CL and is definitely one to keep an eye on for the serious buyer.

Hasn't shown any signs of being marish. Very easy to handle and has lovely ground manners. Is good with other horses.


SOLD - congratulations Kazz

SOLD in August 2014

15.1hh solid type gelding.

Currently going well under saddle. Show quality gelding. Personality plus. Confident rider only. knows NH.


Congratulations Annaliese in Balhannah

SOLD early January 2015

Padlock "Keep Secure"

Approx 15.2hh 9yo Gelding.

Retired August 2014

Padlock has to be one of the sookiest horses I have ever met. This boy will cuddle you all day if you want. He has just started his ridden career under saddle after retiring from racing in August this year. He is taking everything in his stride. Can still be a little forward as he finds his balance. Can canter under saddle.

This lovely boy will excel in any discipline. Show quality gelding.


Congratulations Katie in Burra
SOLD early September 2016

Percy "Im Percy the Punter NZ"

Approx 15.2hh 10yo gelding.    DOB: 19/11/2005.    Retired March 2013


Gorgeous Percy was originally taken into our care for a friend to be rehabilitated back to full health. Prior to coming to coming to Chapel Lodge, we have been told that Percy had been used for trail rides and was very quiet under saddle.

Percy has since been rehabilitated back to full health and is now ready to restart his ridden career.

A loveable and caring boy, he will one day make someone a lovely forever friend.

Can be dominant around food.


Poppy "Everydayimshufflin"

Approx 15.3hh 5yo mare.

Retired May 2013 (3 races only)

Poppy is a tall, leggy mare, very sweet in nature. Can be a little timid until she gets to know you and then laps up the attention. She has a scar on her ns hind. It does not affect her at all. Lovely movement. She will excel in any discipline. Currently unbroken, a clean canvas. Show quality mare.


SOLD December  2016

Congratulations Heidi from Murray Bridge


ose "Amasda Diva"

Approx 15.2hh 4yo mare.   

DOB: 4/11/2011.    Trialled only

A sweet natured mare with stunning movement and a bit of bling.

However, Rosie has a bad stifle lock on one hind leg and also retired from training due to Sacro issues. Her stifle can be operated on and her sacro (we have been told) has been given the all clear for her to be a riding horse (from a physio from her race owners)

Rosie is easy to handle and loves attention. Good with other horses.

Will be a standout in the show ring for the right owner or will be a lovely paddock companion.

The right home is uppermost for this gorgeous mare.

Roseworthy Veterinary Clinic will be assessing Rosie on Tuesday 9th August for her suitability to have her stifles operated on. Please donate to Rosie's cause.   Rosie was assessed and deemed a perfect candidate for stifle surgery and there was no reason she shouldn't make a great ridden horse.      


SOLD to a wonderful home in Lewiston

SOLD August 2014

15.1hh gelding.

Such a little dude. Just get on and ride type of horse. Willing to give anything a go. Riskit will excel in any discipline.


Congratulations Paul and Deborah in Lewiston.

SOLD in December 2014

Riverton "Riverton V C NZ"

Approx 15.3hh 10yo Gelding.

Retired March 2009

Built like a tank. Riverton before coming to us had been used as a trail riding horse and then had a two year break. He is now back in work and going well. He does struggle to canter, however is very easy to ride. Can be a little pushy on the ground.


Congratulations Terence from Kangarilla

SOLD January 2016

SURGERY done on 27/08/2015 and Rocket is on his road to recovery.

Rocket "Island Rocket"

Approx 16hh 7yo Gelding

DOB: 5/10/2008

Retired May 2015

Rocket required surgery for an entrapped epiglottis. This condition prevented Rocket eating and drinking properly causing him to get recurring infections. Surgical treatment involved using a laser to cut the cystic tissue away to free his entrapped epiglottis.

Rocket is a sweet heart of a horse and will make someone very happy. Rocket has not been with us for very long, but from the first day he arrived we all fell in love with his kind nature and cheeky character.

After a visit to Adelaide Plains Equine Clinic, he was referred to have the Surgery at the Roseworthy Campus and his surgery was quoted to cost a minimum of $880.  Funds were raised for Rocket and his surgery went well, however a large cyst formed following his procedure and a follow up surgery was required.

Rocket has now fully recovered from both of his surgeries and is back in full health. Rocket will be started under saddle soon and he will be assessed. Rocket will then be available for sale. 


Congratulations Paloma in Mylor

SOLD October 2015

Ron "Redondo on Telowie"

Approx 15.1hh 9yo Gelding

Retired April 2014

M.r Fugly as hes affectionately been nik-named here at CLSR&R. Ron has been started under saddle and took to it like a duck to water. Incredibly smart and a quick learner and very willing. Ron looked fantastic under saddle and we believe he will be well suited to a dressage home. For this reason he will only be sold to a capable rider wishing to excel and educate this lovely boy to maximum potential.


Congratulations Sharon from Balaklava

SOLD July 2015


Approx 14.1hh 4yo unraced mare
A very sweet natured girl, but a baby in many ways. Will need a fair bit of hands on before being backed and before being available for sale.
Rosie is sure to stand out in the show ring with the right owner.


Congratulations Rebecca

SOLD January 2016

Roy "S5100172"

Approx 16hh 5yo Gelding

DOB: 9/11/2010


Roy is a real smooch, just laps up attention. Nice hunter type gelding. Gets along well with other horses.

Ready to start his ridden career. Has had the saddle on with no issues what so ever.

Can be funny about picking up his feet

Show quality gelding.


SOLD June 2017
Congratulations Beth from Murray Bridge
Sunny "Always Assassin"
Approx 15.2hh 3yo gelding
DOB: 18/12/2013
One race only on 6/7/2016
Sunny is such a cuty. Loves his pats, brushes and cuddles. Very easy going and gets along well with other horses.
As he is still only young and still growing, he will not be educated to saddle yet, but has started education from the ground.
A very quiet and trusting boy, will make a wonderful allrounder with education.


SOLD July 2017
Congratulations Lynn from Sanderston
Sox "Think Red"
Approx 15hh 7yo mare
DOB: 2/10/2009
Trialled only
After three years away, Sox has returned to us through no fault of her own on 8/1/17.
As her name suggests, Sox has four little white socks. A simply stunning mare. Show quality. Very easy to handle and do anything with, however she can be quite the little challenge under saddle. She can intimidate her rider for the first 5-10 mins approx of her ride with piggies and little squeals, after that she CAN be a wonderful ride.
For an experienced home only or to be sold for other purposes than riding.


Congratulations to Kerry in Lewiston

SOLD July 2011

Spinner "Saint Spinner"

15.2hh Gelding

A real gentle boy. Calm and relaxed under saddle. The perfect trail plodder.


Congratulations Kimberly in Trott Park.  

SOLD in December 2014

Stryker "Strike Up The Band NZ"

Apprpx 15.2hh 10yo Gelding.

Retired June 2014

This lovely boy has been rested after retiring from racing and is now ready to be started under saddle.

He will excel in any discipline. Show quality gelding.


Congratulations Angela from Roxby Downs

SOLD in February 2015

Timmy "S3060630" now known as Teddy

Approx 15hh 8yo gelding


Timmy has had a handful of rides - a little pocket rocket. He is sensitive and forward to ride. However, with the right rider will excel in any discipline. 

Gets along well with other horses. Has fantastic ground manners. Done a little bit of NH. Show quality gelding.


Congratulation Pamela from Mylor

SOLD in October 2015

Will "Willoughby NZ"

Approx 15.3hh 9yo gelding

Retired January 2015

A sweet natured boy. Can be a little timid until he understands what your asking. Very easy to handle. Good with other horses.

Has been started under saddle and is going very well. Is still pacing a little, but getting the idea. Will have a magic 3 beat canter with further understanding.

Will excel in the show ring with his lovely high knee action.


Congratulations Stella from Lewiston

SOLD December 2015

Willie "Steamboat Willie NZ"

Approx 15,1hh 8yo Gelding

Retired December 2013

Willie, a horse full of personality and character. He has had only a handful of rides and has taken everything in his stride. Does require an experienced rider. Can be a dominant horse in the paddock. Easy to handle. Sooky

Willie broke his cannon bone at the end of 2014. He has been given 100% clearance to be a riding horse by the vet who treated him. As a preference we prefer him  not to got to a jumping home.


SOLD January 2017
Congratulations Pam from Cherry Gardens
Zac "Village Thunder"
Approx 15.2hh 4yo gelding
DOB: 19/10/2012
Zac is a gorgeous boy, cheeky and inquisitive.
Well rested and ready to start his ridden career. Will do very well in the show scene.
Easy to handle and great with other horses.