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Alex - Available

Alex "Our Madagascar NZ"
Approx 15.2hh 12yo gelding
DOB: 30/11/2004
Retired March 2016
An incredibly sweet natured boy, well rested and ready to start his new career.
Alex did retire from the track with inflamed tendons which have been well rested.
With his sweet and trusting nature, he is the kind of horse that will form an everlasting bond to his new family.
Available to an exceptional home only. POA

Blaze - Available **SOLD**pp

SOLD  April 2017
Congratulations Amy
Blaze is currently in training and will stay at CLSR&R until the completion of his education.
Blaze "Promise To Pay"
Approx 15.1hh 9yo gelding.
DOB: 28/11/2007
Retired November 2016
Such a sweet natured boy. Blaze has settled well into his new life at CL.
He loves attention and a good brush.
With a little bit of bling, he will be lovely out in the show ring.
Very easy to handle and gets along well with other horses.

Bobby - Available

Bobby "True Bobby"

Approx 15.2hh 16yo gelding

DOB: 1/9/2000

Retired December 2009

Bobby is a dream to ride under saddle, however has issues settling into new environments, which makes him no good out on trail rides unless you are a confident rider wishing to deal with his "away from home" issues. However in the arena at home has an amazing work ethic.

Currently out of work in fat paddock condition.

Can be grumpy around food, can be dominant in the paddock

$500 current condition

Dallas - SOLD

SOLD September 2017

Congratulations to Kaye & Trevor from the Riverland

Dallas "Ohoka Dallas NZ"

Approx. 15.2hh 12yo gelding

DOB: 17/10/2004

Retired April 2015 won an incredible $368,843

Dallas is an incredibly sweet natured boy. Gets along well with other horses and loves attention and being fussed over.

He has been started under saddle. He is forward and sensitive but also a responsive boy, so will do well with a balanced rider.

Dallas has windgalls on his front fetlocks, so not suited for a show home, but will ideally be suited to pleasure riding . He raced with his windgalls with no issues. But with his gentle nature I think this will be exactly the retirement he deserves.


Dreamer - Available

Dreamer "Bold Dreamer NZ"

Approx 17hh 10 yo gelding.    DOB: 3/11/2006.    

Retired February 2013

This gorgeous boy is nothing more than a gentle giant. A nosy boy, he loves to be exactly where you are and know exactly what you're doing.

Dreamer has had a few rides now, however he is still a little nervous and is pacing a little, canter to die for.

Will make a great allrounder. Sure to excel in any discipline. Great with other horses.

Dreamer has become apart of the furniture at Chapel Lodge and will only be sold to an exceptional home.

POA with education                                                     Photo Credit: Sunshine Photography

Ga Ga - Available

Ga Ga "Radio Ga Ga NZ"

Approx 15.3hh 11yo gelding.     DOB: 15/11/2005.    Retired April 2015.

A sweet natured boy. Easy to handle. Can be a little unsure until he gets to know you. Great with other horses.

Stopped racing before completely blowing his tendon. Rested and now ready to start under saddle

Will excel in any discipline.

POA with education                                                     Photo Credit: Sunshine Photography

Hilly - Available

Hilly "Uphill Battle"
Approx 15.2gg 11yo gelding
DOB: 14/11/2005
Retired June 2016

Hilly or as he has become more affectionally known as "old man", is a true gentleman. Very easy to handle and gets along well with other horses.
Uneducated to saddle, ideally he would be well suited to a retirement home or companion home as his race owner believes he will be very "hot" under saddle as he was like this in the cart.
Yet he is such a very easy going boy and with four small white socks he could potentially do very well in the show ring with the right education.
Exceptional home only for this special boy. POA

Jake - Available

Jake "Whata Habit"

Approx 16.3hh 10yo Gelding.   

DOB: 21/10/2005.   

Retired March 2015

Jake is a big boofa of  sookieness. He loves his cuddles, brushes and carrots.

Spelled and ready to start his ridden career. Great with other horses and easy to handle.

Jake is pigeon toed. A nice solid boy.               

Jake has had two rides under saddle, he was nervous, but incredibly willing to please. A very trusting horse.

Head shot Photo Credit: Sunshine Photography

Johnny - SOLD

SOLD October 2017 after 10 months on foster care
Congratulations Tammy from Lewiston
Johnny "Johnny Tsunami NZ"
Approx 16.2hh 7yo gelding
DOB: 9/10/2009
Retired August 2016
Johnny is an absolutely gorgeous boy - he loves nothing more than a big cuddle.
Well put together and retired sound, this boy will suit any discipline with his exceptional temperament.
Easy to handle and great with other horses.

Larry - Available

Larry  "Lark Rise NZ"
Approx 16hh gelding
DOB: 20/11/2008
Retired May 2017.
Larry is a sweet boy, timid until he gets to know you.
Is currently enjoying retirement life.
Good confirmation, great with other horses and easy to handle.
Photo to come

Neil - Out on Foster Care with option to buy

On Foster care with option to buy. 
Neil "Go El Cheapo"
Approx 16hh 4yo gelding
DOB: 8/11/2012
Retired July 2016
Neil is like a big teddy bear. Ready to love. Retired from racing as he just didn't have it in him to run, he'd much rather just plod around in his paddock. Will make an exception trail plod and best friend. Easy to handle and great with other horses.

Nev - Available

Nev " Nevada Blackjack"

Approx 15.2hh 9yo gelding

DOB: 8/11/2008

Retired: August 2016

Nev is an absolutely gorgeous gentleman. Well rested and ready to begin education under saddle. Very easy to handle and do anything with. Will make a lovely allrounder. 

Can have a little separation anxiety from his paddock buddies.

POA with education.              

Patrick - Available

Patrick also affectionately known as Paddy

Approx 15.2hh sold bay gelding.


Race details TBA.

Paddy is an affectionate, cheeky boy who just loves attention. 

Lovely confirmation, with a little bit of bling and his solid weight, this boy will definitely excel in the show ring or in any field you choose. Gets along well with other horses, easy to handle. However, he has been known to piggy under saddle, experienced home only


Parrot - Available

Parrot "Cult Hero"

Approx 16hh 5yo gelding.    DOB: 05/11/2010.    Trialled only

A timid boy until he gets to know you, but is a very willing learner. Easy to handle and good with other horses.

Ready to start under saddle.

Show quality gelding.


Photo Credit: Sunshine Photography

Ray - SOLD

SOLD August 2017

Congratulations Jaqui from Pinary

Ray "Rays The Limit"

Approx 15.3hh 7yo gelding.

DOB: 3/10/2009

Retired: Feb 2015

Ray is one of those boys that just has that real kind eye about him. Such a gentle soul. He's well rested and ready to excel in any career. 

Rusty - Available

Rusty "Constant Addiction"
Approx 15.2hh 11yo gelding
DOB: 24/11/2005
Retired: August 2016
This stunning boy is sure to catch most peoples eye. Definitely one to watch out for in the future in the show ring. Rusty not only has the looks, but he has the temperament, confirmation and movement just to top it all off.
Incredibly easy to do anything with, this boy is just a big softy, no doubt he is going to be an honest horse once started under saddle also.
Gets along well with other horses.
Rusty does wind suck - but it does not affect his weight at all.

Sampson - Available

Sampson "If Hes The Won"

Approx 16.1hh 5yo gelding.    DOB: 5/10/2010.    Retired December 2014


Sampson is an incredibly smart boy and a very quick learner.  He loves his toys and he will do anything for a carrot. He has good ground manners and is easy to handle. Can be dominant in the paddock and around food.
Sampson has good conformation and will make an awesome allrounder.

Experienced home only for this amazing horse, will make a great project horse

Ready to start under saddle.
$400 in current condition or POA with education.          Photo Credit: Sunshine Photograph

Tony - Available

Tony "Twotones"

Approx 15.2hh 10yo Gelding

DOB: 7/11/2006

Retired August 2013

A very sweet natured boy, can lack confidence, but will put his all in you once he gets to know you.

Easy to handle and great with other horses. Rested and ready to start his ridden career.

$400 current condition or POA with education

Wally - Available

Wally "The Great Wally"
Approx 16.1hh 3yo gelding
DOB: 09/10/2013
Trialled only
Wally is just a big lump of love. He just loves to be with you, whether its in your pockets or helping you clean his stable, he'll be there right by your side. He just has so much love to give.
Very easy going and great with other horses. Down the track when he's finished developing, he'll make a wonderful plod around kinda of boy.
**Wally is currently having some growing issues with his hocks**
**Riding suitability is to be determined**


Billie - Available

Billy "S5100147"

Approx 15.2hh 6yo mare

DOB: 13/11/2010


The lovely Billie has returned to us through no fault of her own on 7/1/17. As promised we will always try and take our horses back, or assist the re-sale on your behalf if they are not working out.

Billie is a real sweet natured girl, but does need to know who's in control. Pulls the funniest faces when she wants her bucket or just attention. Otherwise easy to handle, great with other horses. She has a very slightly clubbed foot, but otherwise has lovely straight legs and a strong back. She will do well under saddle. 

A blank canvas ready to start. This lovely girl will excel in any discipline. Show quality mare. POA

Clover - Available

Clover  "S5130138"

3yo approx 15.2hh mare

DOB: 28/9/2013


This stunning mare will surely be one to stand out in the show ring with her bit of bling and lovely confirmation. 

A clean slate, ready to do anything with. However, she will only be sold to an experienced and knowledgeable home. She has no manners or respect yet. Will make a fantastic project mare for someone wanting to do well out and about with her as she just has so much unlimited potential. This mare oozzes presence, but she will need someone who knows how to make the most of her potential. 

Great with other horses. 


Elley - Available

Elley "Elleys Art Show"
Approx 15hh 5yo mare
DOB: 23/10/2011
Trialled only
Ellie is a sweet little girl,  who is starting to relax out of racing mode and enjoy her new home.
Exceptionally pretty, with great conformation she is sure to do well in the show ring. She will be one to watch out for.
Easy to handle and good with other horses. Can be a little sour in the stable.

Honey - Available

Honey "Autographed"
Approx 16hh 10yo mare
DOB: 23/11/2007
Retired: December 2012

Honey is an incredibly sweet natured, large boned girl. She's been used as a broodmare before coming to Chapel Lodge.
Has settled in well, loves attention and being pampered.
Will make a lovely allrounder with education.

Ivanka - Available

Approx 15.1hh 10yo mare
DOB: 8/12/2006
Retired August 2014
Ivanka is simply a stunning little mare. Previously had one foal with race owner before retiring to CL. She will be available with her HRA papers for breeding if you wish.
A very calm girl in her surroundings, has had the saddle on and is not phased. Will do very well in the show ring with lovely conformation. Easy to handle, loves being fussed over but can be marish around other mares.
POA with education

Lizzy - Available

Lizzy "Mango Silhouette"

Approx 14.3hh 7yo mare

DOB: 23/11/2009

Retired: March 2017

Lizzy is an absolutely gorgeous character, a very sweet little mare. Will do exceptionally well in any field.

Has had one ride under saddle and as very accepting. Walk, trot and canter.

Can be mareish and girthy.

Easy to handle.


Ponytail - Available


4yo approx 15.1hh mare

DOB: 8/12/2012

Retired: December 2016

A stunning looking mare, solid type, very nicely put together, she will do very well in the show ring. She can be quite an affectionate mare, but does have her marish days. 

Gets along well with other horses. Very easy to handle.

Rested and ready to start education.

POA with education   

Ruby - SOLD PP

SOLD November 2017

Congratulations Brooke & Rita from the Riverland

Ruby will stay at Chapel Lodge for the completion of her training

Ruby - Iliketowatch

Approx 15.3hh mare

DOB: 13/11/2012

Retired November 2016

Ruby is an incredibly sweet natured mare, but can be nervous in new environments.

Arriving at CL in poor condition, expressions of interest only at this time whilst we work on building her weight back up.

Easy to handle, good with other horses.