Chapel Lodge Standardbred R&R

Chapel Lodge Standardbred Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc.

What CLSR&R Stands For


It’s all in the name but we need your help


Chapel Lodge – A former racing stable / Property complete with training tack, stables and now 15x 1 acre paddocks. Owned by Harley Watts and Kerry Rose for over 10 years.


Standardbred – The robust horse bred for harness racing.


Rescue – Often we get calls about horses that have been abandoned or neglected and are asked to take them on. Horses in these situations need to be assessed and taken to the committee to gain approval for care. We can only take on a few rescues at any one time. We are unable take on any horse that cannot be rehabilitated or is terminally ill.


Rehabilitation – The fun stuff!!!  Turning the racehorse into a riding horse.

99% of our horses come direct from the trainers. Horses are donated to us and often come with monetary donations, history and medical reports. For us the trainer is only a phone call away and are always happy to help in any way.

Let’s face it, we both want the same outcome….

We do get horses that come in that have been retired due to injury and do require some spelling time. Follow up care is provided in the way of scans and Xrays etc. and when given the all clear by our wonderful Equine Vet we will start their education to saddle.

Foster carers are required for horses that need some spelling and time. If you think you could help, please pop over to our online sponsorship page and fill out the form at


Donate today CLSR&R

BSB 633-000

ACCT – 151993805

Contact: Kerry Rose – 0417 615 781 or [email protected]

Our Sponsors

Roseworthy Veterinary Campus

if you would like to offer sponsorship to CLSR&R please contact

Kathryn Herraman 0424 550 535

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