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Quotes July 2016 - "After being so ill for such a long time, and having to battle being so sick for over a month it has melted my heart that this boy is at home waiting for me. Chapel Lodge have done an incredible job of getting my baby ready to come home. The time and effort that have been spent on him, are so appreciated. I am so grateful to have this beautiful horse and will forever be thankful to the team who did such an incredible job with him. A truly fantastic organization, doing amazing things!" Lace Quotes
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Quotes March 2015 - Thanks Chapel Lodge for selling us Timmy a 14.3hh, 8 year old, black Standardbred. It was a pleasure working with you to buy our horse. Timmy has turned out to be as lovely and well mannered as portrayed in his advertisement. Timmy is an important part of our family and we all enjoy spending time with him every day. My toddler just loves feeding him carrots! Thank you also for providing me with time to give me a riding lesson on Timmy before we picked him up. I learnt so many valuable skills. I was extremely impressed by how your horse educators are so kind and passionate with the horses and have such amazing horsemanship skills. I'd also like to thank you for the ongoing support I've received after we bought Timmy. It's great to know that you're just a phone call away. I'm so happy that Chapel Lodge exist and give lucky Standardbreds a wonderful life after racing. Quotes

Quotes 16th April 2012.. "1 Year we have been with our new Family Member EURO"... Thankyou Chapel Lodge!... xoxoxoxoxo Quotes

Quotes July 2011 - Hi Kerry and Harley, it has been just over 6 months since I purchased my wonderful Standard-bred from Chapel Lodge, so I am just writing to thank you again for bringing Spinner into my life. After a bad fall a couple of years ago I was convinced I would never ride again, especially as I was now in my mid 50?s and had totally lost my nerve and confidence. Then out of the blue you surprised me by giving me a nice quiet ?Standy? to ride, Spinner. I have to admit that I made Kathryn ride him the first few times while I ?eye balled? them waiting for him to do something naughty. After watching them for a couple of rides I decided he looked safe enough and that I could give it a go, so very nervously, I climbed on board. We have never looked back, he is such a gentle sweet boy and I love him to bits. It didn?t take me long to decide that I definitely had to ?own? this fantastic horse. Quotes
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Quotes Spinner is an incredible friend who gives me hours of pleasure every day. He is so well mannered, calm and makes riding fun. He puts up with a lot from his nervous nelly mother. Every night we have what my husband calls ?Spinner? time where I brush and talk to him and sometimes just sit in the stable with him while he munches away. This is my time to relax and de-stress which is the perfect way to wind down from a usually long and hectic day. He is spoilt (and yes a little too round) and much loved. Thank you again, you and your team at Chapel Lodge did a fantastic job re-educating him from being a harness horse to a riding horse and, I can?t thank you enough for what you did for me, I am finally enjoying riding and owning a horse again ? it?s been a while. Best regards, Kerry McPherson & Spinner Quotes
Spinner - Saint Spinner
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