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In Memory

Below are some of the horses that have come through our doors but sadly have not seen their new career to the fullest.
R.I.P to all our beautiful babies who are now running free over Rainbow Bridge


A Tribute to Max
Heartbreakingly on Sunday morning of the 4th September 2016 one of our favourites did not see the sun rise.

Max's story

Max arrived at Chapel Lodge in November 2014 along with his sister. A gangly 4yo and 3yo who were both too slow to make the track. We asked our followers to help us name them both. You called them Max and Millie. Max very quickly became a favourite among our volunteers. His laid back easy going nature made him very easy to do anything with at all. He was backed not long after he had arrived and took everything in his stride. Max's journey through the following years took him to a lovely home at Globe Derby and one in the hills, venturing out to pony club and he thoroughly loved his trail rides. However, he kept finding his way back home. We believe he just loved being at Chapel Lodge, sharing our love and laughter when we played with him.
Max had recently caught the eye of a young teenage girl who had come out multiple times to ride him and had fallen madly in love. She had planned to take him home on the 10th September. However, that was not to be....
The previous week Max sustained a small, but deep cut to one of his legs. It was an injury that would not affect him long term, it just needed the time to heal. Max was placed on a course of antibiotics. What happened next none of us still believe.... Max developed colitis (inflammation of the colon) from what we are lead to believe was a reaction to the antibiotics (final results confirmed this was the case). We noticed the rapid change in Max on Saturday along with a scoring temperature. He was sent straight to the Roseworthy Veterinary college where he was placed immediately on IV fluids. The team at Roseworthy did everything they could to keep Max going, working all through the night. Heartbreakingly Max passed away at 3.50am on Sunday morning of 4th September.
Please enjoy our video of Max and all the joy he bought to our lives.
I would like to say a massive Thank You to the Norman racing stables for allowing us to have Max. For offering him a Life After Racing. Also to the University of Adelaide, Roseworthy Campus for all of your continued help and support. Especially to Dr Sue and Dr Claudia and your team over the weekend. Thank you to Troy Coombs transport. Thank you to all the people and volunteers past and current who have made a difference in Max's life.
R.I.P beautiful boy. Run free forever over rainbow bridge 💖


Gypsy was an exceptional mare, very sweet natured and sensitive. She was well into her training and education when sadly in February 2014 she was struck with colic. The vets did everything they could to help her and in the end make her comfortable.
R.I.P beautiful girl


Jess was a gorgeous girl, full of personality and spirit. Going very well under saddle, sadly in 2012 Jess lost the fight against colic.
R.I.P beautiful girl